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IKEA has such power over me! I am helpless in the face of that lovely blue and yellow giant! This power, combined with a quick lunch of Swedish meatballs,  an understanding boyfriend, his understanding parents’ station wagon… you have just the right ingredients for a little livingroom makeover. It wasn’t a completely gratuitous makeover: the DVD shelf was over flowing and the CD rack was buckling under the weight of Wouter’s collection. Furthermore, there was no room for my books.

Solution: a 2 meter tall Billy bookcase and a couple of matching Benno CD/DVD shelves. And (again, understanding boyfriend!) I was allowed to give into the urge to reorganize by color… although the CD and DVD shelves were off-limits. As it turns out my understanding boyfriend has OCD alphabetizing urges of his own!

Spectrum boekenkast


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I’m totally taken with the work of Dutch design duo Jantien Baas and Hester Worst. Their studio, Tas-ka, is based out of the Hauge and their work is based on the theme “House.” Perhaps it’s no wonder I’m into Tas-ka– House and Home have been on my mind of late as I begin to put my stamp on things around here (three spice racks and counting!).

The centerpiece of the collection are several patterns, screened onto fabric and made into various home goods and accessories. The “house” theme also is worked into items like bread boards, prints and brooches. I particularly like the tea-towels and tote bags, both available in a rainbow of colors. And they perfectly capture the look of a Dutch city from above–the red tile roofs, chimneys and occasional green space– in their print  “City.” Charming!

tas-ka tea towels Totes by Tas-Ka

City by Tas-Ka

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