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Comings and Goings

Happiness: the US/EU visa waiver program: three months without a visa!

Sadness: the US/EU visa waiver program: *only* three months without a visa.

As my days in Europe are nearly up, I head back to the US again today. It’s always a sad goodbye, but I think I get better at it every time. Instead of thinking about living alone, I think about how cozy my Wisconsin apartment is in the wintertime. Instead of thinking of making tex-mex dinners together with Wout, I think about the plentiful and cheap tex-mex on offer from any number of ‘lekker’ establishments. Instead of thinking about missing Wout, I think about how much I’ve missed my friends.

It isn’t better than life together, but there is certainly a silver lining.

When will we have the technology to pick up and move cities so Madison and Amsterdam can be neighbors?


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New Year’s Resolution

One of my greatest joys has been (secretly) reading online journals of expats living around the world. I think these journals are probably meant for friends and family at home, but I love these little glimpses into the lives of people who have taken a giant leap into the unknown, attempting and succeeding at making a life in a foreign country.

Sometimes I lose sight of the path that brought me to this exceptional experience and my life doesn’t seem particularly special. I feel as though I’ve stumbled into my present circumstances. But somehow, without noticing it, my life has become like these online journals that I read so faithfully.

So this year, as part of an accelerated 30 before 30 exercise, I’ve decided to start my own journal as an expat. Of course, this is primarily for friends and family to keep up to date with the goings on in my life. But perhaps others might stumble upon these notes, begin to ponder adventures in other countries and find themselves unconsciously making choices that lead them on the path toward a life abroad.

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