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I arrived this morning early (but hardly bright), back in the Netherlands for another stint of cohabitation. So from here on out things should be a bit more active in this space.

Today felt like a real move-in day. Part of this was due to the fact that I brought WAY more crap than usual. Relatedly, Wout met me at the airport which was a fantastic change of pace– usually I have to wait (woe is me, haha) until after work to see him. The morning also involved some phone calls and trips about town to make my living here official. Unsurprisingly, we discovered that this wont be an entirely straightforward process… although it seems like it will be manageable.

Sorting through shoes
Readying for the move sorting shoes shoes shoes!

Still it was nice to find that somethings stay the same and I can slip right back into my life here– knowing how to get home on public transit without looking at the timetables, popping into the neighborhood shops for favorite snacks and supplies, knowing exactly where everything is in the apartment and where most everything in my suitcase should go, not expecting (or getting) a single ray of sunshine (ah spring).

Howdy Neighborhood!

And maybe best of all, the silent greeting from the across the street neighbor who spends hours everyday looking out his window. He just stands there, watching what’s going on in the street but never speaking to anyone. Always wearing a white top and occasionally donning a stripped hat (a la Where’s Waldo) when it’s cold. Our own local zen master. His ritual appearance was a nice “welcome back.”

Howdy Neighbor!Howdy neighbor!


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